Friday, December 2, 2011

25 Days of Villains - #24: Master Hand

Master of the Smash Bros. Universe, Master Hand is one of the few lead video game villains to have zero lines of dialogue. Howevver, his devious laugh and hand gestures - like a rocket boost, charged flick, clenching grip, and steam-powered fist pound - provide this boss with plenty of personality.

While it is true that Master Hand and Crazy Hand present a greater threat together than either does apart, Master Hand is clearly the more gathered and logical of the two. Crazy Hand flails and lashes out, hoping to land a hit on players. Granted, Crazy Hand's attacks yield significant damage when they land on a character. But Master Hand's move set is much more varied and accurate, thus proving more practical overall.

As far as Master Hand's actual intentions, he seems primarily invested in testing the abilities of every character on the Smash Bros. roster ...by beating the ever-loving crap out of them. If you've played through Classic mode on the Very Hard difficulty setting, you've witnessed Master Hand at his prime. But there is also the possibility that he simply enjoys having the ability to toy with the cast and assume some degree of control over them, as would be evidenced by the intro cutscene to the original Super Smash Bros., wherein everyone starts out as a doll under his control.

Because we really don't know a whole lot about Master Hand, (whether he acts as a sort of judge or is on a maniacal power-trip) it's difficult to gauge just how evil he really is. Still, he's endured through all three of the Smash Bros. titles as one of the most memorable final bosses in any fighting game I've played.

Boss theme:
I actually love all three of the Final Destination themes. But I have a real soft spot for the original - it was a pretty epic way to conclude the single player mode.

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