Friday, December 16, 2011

25 Days of Villains - #10: Majora

Chaos incarnate, Majora is the reason everything turns out so terrible for the inhabitants of Termina. True, Skull Kid takes the initiative to steal the mask. But as the game indicates, Majora was affecting Skull Kid's thoughts and actions - by the end of the game, Majora tosses Skull Kid aside, feeling that his usefulness is over.

Most of Majora's acts of malice come into play before Link arrives in Termina. With Skull Kid as a medium, Majora directs its power to cause harm to the different races - poison in the Deku Scrubs' swamp, freezing some of the Gorons alive. Majora's actions even lead to the deaths of Darmani and Mikau, two of the realms most accomplished warriors. And as a grand finale, the mad mask wants to crash the moon into the world below.

Majora is certainly evil. Both his dialogue and actions late in the game indicate that the demonic entity views everything as a kind of game. Because of this, he lashes out when backed into a corner. Though the final boss fight is one of the most difficult in any Zelda title to date, Majora seems really uncoordinated - almost childish. While Majora channels chaos like no other, logic and planning are sacrificed at this expense, which is why this villain ranks at number eleven.

Boss theme:

The final boss fight against Majora is divided into three sections, each with its own variation on the same theme. My personal favorite theme of the three is that of Majora's Incarnation, since itserves as a great reflection of his chaotic nature. Majora's Wrath's theme carries the most sinister and dark tone, however.

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