Saturday, December 24, 2011

25 Days of Villains - #2: Solidus Snake

"Damn the Patriots!"

Born of the best genes Big Boss had to offer and therefore easily the strongest of his three sons, Solidus Snake displays a near-perfect balance of tactical and physical prowess. Solidus’ interest in the Patriots came about after the Shadow Moses Incident, when he was still in office as the 43rd President of the United States. Rallying Fatman, Vamp and Fortune to his side and forming the Sons of Liberty, Solidus assumed command of Big Shell, holding everyone there – including the 44th President – as his hostages. Believing Revolver Ocelot to be his ally, Solidus initiated his plans to undo the Patriots.

Solidus’ intent was to assume command of Arsenal Gear, which lay beneath Big Shell. After his encounter with Solid Snake and Raiden, Solidus’ lost one eye and his Harrier Jet was sent crashing toward the ocean. Ocelot’s Metal Gear RAY saved him, however, and the two headed for Arsenal Gear. Realizing that Solid Snake was now on Big Shell, Solidus sped up his plans to access Arsenal Gear and retrieve the identities of all the Patriots. Before he could complete this however, Raiden was captured.

Upon recognizing Raiden, Solidus revealed he was once his adoptive father. Solidus trained Raiden to be a ruthless killer at a young age, earning him the nickname of Jack the Ripper. Shortly thereafter, Ocelot revealed that the actions of both Raiden and the Sons of Liberty had been scripted by the Patriots. Infuriated, Solidus went on a rampage, destroying as many of the Metal Gear RAYS as he could and killing Olga Gurlukovich.

Unable to initiate his plan of knocking out Manhattan’s economic structure through an electromagnetic pulse, Solidus had no further means to fight the Patriots with. As Ocelot escaped with a Metal Gear RAY, Arsenal Gear was sent on a crash-course with Manhattan. Solidus beckoned Raiden for one final showdown in New York, to determine his capabilities as comparable to Solid Snake as per the S3 Plan. The third son of Big Boss was defeated by his protégé, just as the Patriots had intended.

Solidus is not only physically strong, but utilizes some diverse weapons. Attached to his combat suit are two robotic tentacle arms, which can be used to inflict forceful blunt trauma or fire small missiles. The suit also grants him boosted strength, speed, and endurance, despite his faster aging process. Solidus wields two katanas and a P90 submachine gun, and his plans at Big Shell are indicative of his careful plotting. His goal is not so far-removed from that of Solid Snake, but the fact that he is so willing to kill many to see that end achieved sets him apart from his brother. Were it not for the Patriots’ hand in everything, Solids Snake’s determination to defeat them would have most certainly succeeded.

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