Saturday, December 3, 2011

25 Days of Villains - #23: Colonel Volgin

"Kuwabara kuwabara"

Colonel Volgin is a bad guy in every sense of the term. He seeks to obtain the Philosopher's Legacy, and at the same time wants to rally his countrymen to his goal of igniting the flames of war with the United States. But just how does Volgin intend to usurp Khrushchev's regime and turn the cold war blazing hot? By holding scientist Sokolov hostage and ordering the construction of the Shagohod, an all-terrain tank with a nuclear payload that - at its top speed - can target nearly any location on U.S. soil. As one of his earliest displays of power, Volgin decides to launch a portable mini-nuke at a facility of those who have not aligned themselves with his goals.

Political aims aside, Volgin has a penchant for bloodshed and violence. His sadistic tendencies are not just limited to his relationship with Tatyana. Upon seeing through Naked Snake's disguise as Major Raikov, Volgin beats him senseless, then has his bloodied form tortured. Suspecting that the Boss might somehow be in league with Snake, he decides the best way for her to prove her loyalty to him is to cut out Snake's eyes (with a knife, while he is still conscious). While Ocelot's interruption only costs Snake one eye, Volgin seems quite pleased with the results.

Volgin also exhibits a hatred of failure. When Snake infiltrates Groznyj Grad to detonate the Shagohod, Volgin faces him in hand-to-hand combat, channeling electricity through his punches. After the facility is destroyed, Volgin gives chase in the very-much-intact Shagohod, tailing Snake and EVA on their motorbike quite a distance away from Groznyj Grad. Even after the nuclear launcher is lost to the ravine, Volgin insists on stopping the duo with the drills and guns mounted on the cockpit portion of the Shagohod. Out of breath and utterly defeated, Volgin dies in a manner most befitting of someone who relished in the thought of bringing others pain - his body is struck by lightning, and the flames rising from the Shagohod cause the shell rounds he slings over his torso to explode one by one.

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