Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Days of Villains - #21: King Dedede

He might not classify as a villain in the most traditional sense of the word. Frankly, Dedede's negative character traits are primarily rooted in his selfishness and greed. Nevertheless, he has caused a great deal of trouble for Kirby over the years, more often in the early games than in more recent Dreamland adventures.

He tends to hole up in his castle fortress, sending Waddle Dees and the rest of his minions out to face Kirby. But it's difficult to consider Dedede a coward. Anytime Kirby shows up to face him, Dedede exhibits a strong will to defend his stronghold. He proves a solid contender, floating around to try and knock Kirby out of the air and using his own breath attack to suck the pink puffball in and shoot him across the screen, and swinging a giant hammer around like nobody's business. He is stubborn and steadfast in his aims, despite the fact that his intentions may be more selfish than evil.

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