Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 Days of Villains - #22: Andross

A floating head and pair of hands that managed to muster enough forces to conquer almost the entire Lylat system, Andross certainly knows how to get a job done. Unfortunately for him, his commanders are apparently completely incapable of fending off Team Star Fox as the anthropomorphic animals blaze a trail toward planet Venom. But that's really not Andross' fault, now is it?

Andross' ability to rally so many to his cause and in turn conquer the majority of the Lylat system displays his highly-regarded intellect. Though we don't actually visit each planet until after Andross has taken control, the fact that he has spread his troops out in such strategic armadas and varied attack patterns shows that he is prepared for a number of scenarios should anyone choose to retaliate against his regime.

I'm not too familiar with Andross' appearance on the original SNES Star Fox - most of my memories of him come from the N64 sequel. I know he was also a boss in Star Fox Adventures, a game that I never completed due to the way its gameplay and story left a poor taste with me. Frankly, I would have placed ol' monkey face higher on this list if he had appeared as a boss in Star Fox Assault, which was a beautifully-rendered and incredibly fun game, despite the shift to a linear storyline. His nephew Andrew Oikonny pays tribute to him with his own monkey mecha, but as far as I'm concerned, the final confrontation at the end of Star Fox 64 is simply classic.

Boss theme:
Compared to some of the other villains on this top twenty-five list, Andross' theme isn't quite as exciting or memorable. It does convey the dark nature of Venom well, though.

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