Wednesday, December 7, 2011

25 Days of Villains - #19: Jeane

When perusing the cast of characters in the No More Heroes games, it's difficult to classify most as villainous. Most fit the role of a warrior fighting for their own sense of justice, and even those who are in it for the money are more self-serving than evil. I tried my best to work an angle for Destroyman and Bad Girl, but neither seemed like they belonged on the list. Destroyman is cocky and kind of a tool, but those qualities plus a crotch laser cannon don't qualify him as a bad guy. Despite her name, Bad Girl's sadistic tendencies are a result of having seen through the veil of what the United Assassins Association has established (and lots of booze).

As such, there were only a few characters that really worked for the role of villain. Jasper Batt Jr. is an ironically lame final boss. Dark Star is questionable, but it doesn't really matter because before Travis gets a chance to fight him Dark Star is killed by the real villain of the first No More Heroes - Jeane. As Travis Touchdown's half-sister, she was once Travis' childhood love interest, before he knew their actual relation. Behind the scenes, the father of the two molested Jeane. Upon learning of this, Jeane's mother committed suicide, and these events eventually led Jeane to kill him and Travis' mother before Travis' very eyes.

Jeane is by no means guilty for all these circumstances turning out the way they did. She did, however, respond with excessive violence, which sparked a flame within Travis Touchdown. Jeane is responsible for Travis becoming an assassin, and indirectly responsible for all the people he killed in his climbing the ranks. Jeane proves a powerful opponent, using mixed martial arts as her medium of combat, as opposed to the many weapons most of the other assassins rely on. It's a surprisingly dark finale to a game that is largely satirical, but a fitting one just the same.

Boss theme:

Honestly, I feel like the entire soundtrack to No More Heroes is among the best of this generation's consoles. Jeane's theme is one of my favorite tracks, right up there with Bad Girl's, Destroyman's, and the game's main theme song.

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