Thursday, July 2, 2015

25 Days of Jojo’s - #24: Iggy

(Fair warning: there will be spoilers abound in this series of posts, as I find there are major moments that define some of these characters late in their respective story arcs. So in the event that you have not yet read/watched a particular part of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure storyline, you may wish to skip over certain entries.)

#24 – Iggy: The most reluctant member of the Stardust Crusaders, Iggy is captured in the alleys of New York City by the Speedwagon Foundation due to his exceptionally powerful, if not simplistic, Stand made of sand, The Fool. Iggy displays a general lack of desire to be in Egypt with Jotaro, Kakyoin, Joseph, and Avdol, but goes out of his way on more than a few occasions to terrorize Polnareff, ripping out large chunks of his hair and farting in his face. The two develop a comedic antagonistic relationship, and the only encouragement Iggy appears to have in staying with the Stardust Crusaders for the majority of their journey is coffee-flavored chewing gum, which he gleefully devours anytime it is offered to him.

However, following his intense near-death battle with Pet Shop, Iggy finds a reason to fight alongside the Stardust Crusaders, and vows to help stop Dio, if for no other reason than he is angry that the villain's winged guard gave him so much trouble. Upon entering Dio’s mansion, Iggy begins to follow the advice that Avdol and Polnareff give him, actually strategizing in this dangerous building instead of running off and doing whatever he pleases. While Iggy does ultimately perish in a battle with Vanilla Ice, he does manage to help expose the villain’s weaknesses, and saves Polnareff’s life so that he can continue on to fight Dio with Jotaro and the others.

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