Sunday, July 5, 2015

25 Days of Jojo’s - #21: Daniel J. D'Arby

(Fair warning: there will be spoilers abound in this series of posts, as I find there are major moments that define some of these characters late in their respective story arcs. So in the event that you have not yet read/watched a particular part of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure storyline, you may wish to skip over certain entries.)

#21 - Daniel J. D’Arby – Of all the villains the Stardust Crusaders encounter on their journey to locate Dio’s mansion, few come as close to besting them as Daniel J. D’Arby does. Armed with merely his wits and cunning, Daniel never once inflicts physical harm upon Jotaro and company, instead challenging them to a series of gambles with their souls on the line. D’Arby is of the belief that ‘it isn’t cheating if no one catches you’, which is perhaps what throws Joseph and Polnareff off from the start of their encounter with him. The Stardust Crusaders had, up until their intense betting matches with D’Arby, dealt primarily with murderers and violent fiends, and it is not until Jotaro decides to play mind games with D’Arby that they are able to overcome such a capable foe.

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