Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pokémon White journal - entry six

I beat the Elite Four. I think the lineup of Shauntal, Grimsley, Caitlin, and Marshal presents just about the perfect variety of types to combat all the Pokémon you will have had a chance to add to your team by the time you've reached Victory Road. The battles were challenging, but thankfully not so mind-numbing or grueling in its difficulty. I had to rethink my strategy a couple of times, but each member of the Elite Four tends to stick to a similar pattern. The fact that they were limited to two Full Restores a piece helped me out as well.

Team Plasma's castle rising out of the ground was pretty cool, if not a bit melodramatic. It definitely set up well for the final battles with N and Ghetsis. I'm rather surprised that I didn't have to face any Team Plasma grunts on my way up to the top of the castle, but I suppose it makes sense in context. N wanted to see which of us was strongest, so he probably didn't want anyone hindering the climactic moment.

Catching Zekrom was surprisingly easy. I've notice all throughout White version that catching wild Pokémon goes much more smoothly than in Soul Silver (and I bought a ton of Ultra Balls in preparation for catching Zekrom; guess I will just save those for Cobalion, Kyurem, and co. later on). Regardless, Zekrom is among my favorite legendaries of all time. Personally, I think the Black and White legendaries are the best since generation II.

While I have completed the main story in White version, I know there is still plenty of ground to cover - new areas to visit and new trainers to battle. It will probably be a while before I put my full review up of this game. I will say this - White version is one of the most fun DS games I've played to date, and among some of the most polished handheld games I've ever had a chance to experience. With that in mind, I venture onward to seek new adventures in the Unova region...

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