Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pokémon White journal - entry four

As Team Plasma keeps showing up more and more frequently and have even gotten so far in their aims as to make people question their own choices to catch and raise Pokémon, I think it is safe to say that I am nearing the end of the main story. I am in possession of the dark stone I have agreed to take on N in the event that Alder cannot beat him. I like the way that Alder's involvement in the main story is relatively minimal, but substantial enough that he plays the part of a believable character. He reminds me of Lance in that respect.

I have noticed that last two gyms were rather easy. In Soul Silver version, the challenge level from one gym to the next seemed pretty consistent. But in White version, it's almost backwards. Some of the gym leaders early on proved rather difficult and spammed a handful of attacks over and over. But lately, gym leaders have hardly had enough time to issue out more than one command to any single Pokémon before I beat the snot out of them. White version has proven to be a much faster-paced Pokémon experience than others, and I greatly appreciate that. The inconsistency with the gym battles just seems... odd to me.

I doubt I will be changing my team up much between now and the conclusion of the main game. I do expect to make some adjustments post-game, however. There are a number of Pokémon that I want to import from Soul Silver in order to provide myself some greater variety in the dynamics my team can present. Interestingly enough, though, I am finding that I use Vanillish quite frequently. During my previous Pokémon outings, I rarely ever used ice-types, but due to the other Pokémon types so frequently found in the wild and in the possession of rival trainers, Vanillish is quickly becoming a staple to my team.

I came into possession of another experience share, the two of which are now being held by Litwick and Elgyem. I like Elgyem a lot more than most psychic types, due to the fact that he learns more psychic moves that are both offensive and stat-based. Nearly every one of his moves is a two-in-one package. Similarly, Litwick is proving much more practical for offensive attacks than many ghost types. Even before I purchased White version, I thought Chandelure looked like one of the coolest new Pokémon from generation V. While a large part of my desire to have Chandelure on my team comes from its aesthetic appearance, I think it will be able to provide something new and different to my team.

I am finding that a lot of random people in-game will give me evolution stones for no particular reason. I'm not complaining - some of these are necessary to evolve Pokémon like Lampent into Chandelure. But with a Thunderstone and both the environments necessary to evolve Leafeon and Glaceon readily available in White version, I think I am going to carry my plans to breed every Eevee evolution over from Soul Silver to White version. I already have Umbreon and Vaporeon ready to make the move once the post-game allows for it. And I have a few low-level Eevees ready for evolution.

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