Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top 5 Ugliest Pokémon

Everyone has their favorite Pokémon. For some, it is the starter they've been training since they began their journey on Red or Blue version. Others prefer the Legendaries, with a sense of accomplishment in having caught them. And it's not always the move set or attributes that draws players to a specific Pokémon. Sometimes it's as simple as the way a Pokémon looks. Pikachu, Chikorita, and Totodile are just plain cute. Entei, Mewtwo, and Zekrom come across as intimidating due to their awesome designs. But there are some Pokémon, however few and far between, that are downright ugly.

#5 - Pinsir: I always viewed Pinsir as something of an alternative to Scizor. Whereas Scizor was sleek, shiny green, and had his blades attached to his arms, Pinsir was stout, a solid brown, and had pincers sprouting from the top of his skull. Pinsir looks like an insect version of Mr. Potato Head, and apparently somebody decided to put his body parts in the wrong spots. His mouth is also rather eerie - no living thing should have teeth that grow horizontal like a rib cage.

#4 - Lickilicky: There are a few Pokémon over the years that have been treated to an unnecessary next stage of evolution. Lickitung is one such Pokémon. He was certainly odd when compared to the rest of Gen I, but I always felt he stood fine on his own. It was a bit challenging to ascribe a particular theme to him, and apparently Nintendo felt the same way. So what did they decide to do? Inflate him until he was barely recognizable. Lickilicky might want to give Wilford Brimley a call.

#3 - Loudred: Loudred is part of an evolutionary line whose theme is sound. So the fact that his mouth makes up the majority of his face, and subsequently the majority of his body, is kind of a fun play on that concept. But he's certainly not the prettiest Pokémon in the tall grass. His teeth appear infantile, his ears like speakers, and as a whole he looks like an ugly alien toddler.

#2 - Jynx: I've never really been sure of what to make of Jynx. She kind of creeped me when I was a kid, the only Pokémon I thought I was scary-looking without really needing to be. Yes, Gengar is certainly a creepy looking Gen I Pokémon, but that's deliberate - he's a ghost. I think Jynx was supposed to resemble an opera singer (a bit odd, since Jigglypuff was the one frequently singing in the anime). But the small eyes and the giant lips lead her to resemble some sort of bizarre mock-up of a human - like a caricature. A really creepy caricature. Or a demonic transvestite. Take your pick.

#1 - Garbodor: I know some people rip on the Gen IV and V designs because the physical appearances of many of those Pokémon look very far-removed from the original one-hundred and fifty. To be honest, I like the way most of the newcomers to Black and White look. But dang, Garbodor is hideous. I mean, he is meant to look like a bunch of garbage, and to that end I feel the artists did a wonderful job in maintaining a consistent evolutionary theme. This pile of trash evolves from the weird sort-cute, sorta-awkward-to-look-at Trubbish. But I can't imagine there are many people who look at Garbodor without thinking he's ugly in just about every sense of the word.

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