Monday, March 19, 2012

Pokémon White journal - entry three

Litwicks. Litwicks everywhere (in Celestial Tower).

If there is one thing that I feel has dragged down the Pokémon White experience thus far, it's the gym battles. Not the battles as a whole; rather, the fact that each gym leader has one Pokémon with a somewhat cheap one-hit-kill move that they tend to spam over and over. In the grand scheme of things, it's a minor complaint. But it's also a significant change from gym battles of previous games, and I can't say it's exactly the best choice. It presents a few roadblocks in what is otherwise the smoothest journey through any region of the Pokémon world.

I've come to realize that the types of Pokémon that are in abundance in White version require me to take a much different approach in building my team than Soul Silver did. Frankly, I think that's a good thing, as it forces me to use different combos and attack/defense strategies. I practically never used any ice types in previous gens, but Vanillite is quickly proving to be a valuable member to my team. The other four key members are Samurot, Darmantian, Zebstrika, and Archen. As for the sixth team member, I tend to change it up. I'm planning to test Elgyem's abilities next.

I have noticed an increase in the number of battles on the routes between cities and even in areas like Celestial Tower. It is nice of Nintendo to place a nurse every so often, so that you are not forced to spend all of your money on revives and super potions. Some areas prove quite a long haul, with one battle after another forcing your trek to a slow grind. But the experience points you can rack up in the process is well worth it.

As a side note, while I do find most of the team Plasma grunts to be pushovers, there are a few that have put up a decent fight - at least, better than Team Rocket's goons ever could. Plus, Team Plasma's theme song is awesome - my second favorite of the 'team themes', next to Team Galactic's.

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