Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pokémon Black and White sequels announced

It's official - Pokémon Black and White versions will have not one, but two follow up games. Instead of the traditional single sequel that combines the Pokémon and locations available in Black and White versions (which many fans dubbed 'Grey version'), the DS will see two direct sequels in the form of Pokémon Black version 2 and White version 2. It seems the mascots for the games will be the two powered-up forms of Kyurem, with Zekrom-derivative Lightning abilities and Reshiram-derivative Fire abilities respectively. Not much else is known at this point, but I would personally like to see some new locations in Unova, whether they choose to expand the existing world or set the game in an entire area of Unova previously unexplored. I will be very interested to see if the game will allow players to carry over Pokémon from Black and White versions from the outset, or if (as with most merged sequels) the game will ask you to choose a new starter.

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