Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pokémon Soul Silver journal - entry three

Perhaps I spoke a bit prematurely when I said I had reached an impasse with the gyms. I'm still going to have to set aside some time to level up my Magmar before I try taking On Jasmine's Steelix again, but I managed to beat Chuck. Honestly, Chuck was probably the easiest gym leader of the bunch so far. His Poliwrath might have thrown someone else off their game, but not me. Magneton made short work of it.

My Egg finally hatched, and another Eevee has officially joined my scheme to gather up all of the Eevee evolutions. I had forgotten that baby Pokémon start off at level one, though, so I left it with the Day Care couple for the time being. I'm going to wait a bit before I breed another one, so I sent Ditto back to Bill's PC, opting instead to leave Vulpix at the Day Care as Eevee's playmate. My Vulpix kind of stinks right now, and all the wild Pokémon I run into are either way too low for the Exp. to be worth the trouble, or they are so high they kick the crap out of it in two moves (I hate Raticates). In time, I hope to add a Ninetales to my cast of fire-types. I don't remember if the Day Care had a readily-accessible PC in the Gameboy version, but it's very convenient in the DS remake, as opposed to trekking all the way back to Goldenrod to switch up my party.

I've finally caught one of the Legendary Dogs. It wasn't all that difficult, to be completely honest. Or I'm just lucky. Either way, I whittled Raikou's health down to a relatively low point in the red and then paralyzed him before I caught him with an Ultra Ball. It only took about four ball tosses in total (with Raikou fleeing each time, of course). The odd thing about it is that when I encountered him this last time and caught him, I was surfing with my newly-caught red Lake of Rage Gyarados just south of Goldenrod City. That's right, I caught Raikou out on the water. I don't understand it either.

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