Wednesday, October 28, 2009

00 Gundam: The Movie

New footage from the Gundam 00 movie recently surfaced, showing off the new mobile suits. The video isn’t a trailer, per se, but rather a behind-the-scenes look at the design of the new mobile suits. The four new Gundams are shown in action, flying around in space and showing off their weapons. However, the video does show some concept art for the GN-X and an altered model of the flag, which could be the rumored “Ultra-flag”.

00 Qan[T] (formerly known as 00 Quanta) is shown to be rather similar in design to both 00 and Exia. It sports the same basic color scheme, and carries a shield/sword on the shoulder (similar to the seven swords version). This shoulder attachment is shown to be able to break into rifle bits. On the opposite arm, 00 Qan[T] carries a sword similar to Exia’s GN sword.

Raphael (Tieria’s new Gundam) carries a design scheme more akin to Virtue than Seravee in my opinion, sporting two large blocks on his back which are attached be cable and act as cannons. Raphael itself seems to be a much thinner mobile suit than either Virtue or Seravee, and looks to be a cream/tan color (though this could merely be an effect of the lighting).

Harute (Allelujah’s Gundam) looks to be a more compact version of Arios. Harute is shown to sport wing-like appendages on either leg and – when in flight mode – has a small open area in the rear (perhaps for docking with the GN Archer or upgrade of said GN Archer?). Harute dual wields two beam rifles, but no other weapons were revealed.

Zabanya (Lockon’s Gundam) rings closer to Dynames that Cheridum in its design. It sports a primarily white color scheme, with green on the chest. Zabyana is shown wielding two pistols, and has a grey weapons case of some sort attached to either leg.

Below is the new video:

And for those who have not yet seen the original teaser:

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